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Bootstrap jComment

jComment is a professionally written lighter and faster script which allows you to attach any type comment posting feature with any type of record within your application easily by using few steps. It is written using latest web standards including jQuery, Bootstrap and PHP.

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jComment Example Code

// jComment Sample Usage
$(function () {
showAvator: true,
width: 750,
contentID: '<?= $contentId ?>',
userName: '<?= $auth->userName ?>',
avatorWith: 65,
avatorUrl: '',
avatorPictureName: 'sample.jpg',
thumbDirectoryPath: '<?= SITE_DOMAIN . 'contents/member/' ?>',
avatorCss: 'img-responsive avator',
isMemberDirectory: true,
profileUrl: '<?= SITE_DOMAIN . 'user/index.php?usr={p}' ?>',
tComments: 140,
requiredMsg: "Please enter few words to post comment",
rootUrl: '',
enableEnter: true,
pageSize: 10
For more examples and customization options visit SDK Section

jComment Sample Demo